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OpsNinja provides a robust range of GCP services that enables businesses to construct, launch, and scale applications, websites, and services seamlessly on Google’s shared cloud infrastructure.

Perks with OpsNinja

Benefits of Switching to Google Cloud Solutions

  • Expert cloud infrastructure audit and planning
  • Seamless on-prem to cloud migration with minimal disruption
  • Consulting and technical support from certified professionals
  • Advanced budgeting system for optimized Google Cloud costs
  • TCO reduction and cost-optimization tweaks

By Cooperating with OpsNinja, you’ll Receive

  • Access to the wide system of discounts for new and regular corporate customers possible with Google Cloud reseller.
  • Payment by invoice in EU, USD, GBP.
  • Professional support throughout the solution journey.
  • Streamlined solution procurement, so that all your business needs are met conveniently from a single source.

IT infrastructure assessment, solution architecture

Cloud computing has fundamentally transformed the landscape of computing, impacting nearly every aspect of system design and operation. As with any significant shift, however, it can generate a range of uncertainties and concerns like

  • Migration Methodology: Which approach best suits your specific needs and objectives?
  • Cloud Service Selection: Which cloud service offers the optimal balance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your project?
  • Migration Planning: How can you effectively plan and execute a seamless migration process?
  • Cloud Cost Optimization: How can you ensure that your cloud operations remain cost-effective in the long run

Our comprehensive IT infrastructure assessment goes beyond simply answering these questions. We delve deeper to provide valuable insights and support throughout your cloud migration journey. We measure your real mean and peak compute loads, enabling you to pay only for the resources you actively use. This eliminates the need for on-premise oversizing, leading to significant cost savings. We analyze your application interdependencies to determine the ideal technology scope for your specific needs. By leveraging our expertise, you can confidently navigate the cloud migration process and unlock the full potential of this transformative technology.

Benefits of IT infrastructure assessment

  • Non-intrusive agentless scanning of the infrastructure will reveal the true mean and peak loads for servers and databases. (No impact on workloads)
  • Detecting application and data interdependencies will allow for smooth and uninterrupted migration planning.
  • A complete understanding of all systems will enable our Cloud architects to choose the most efficient technologies and instances for the target infrastructure.
  • We will provide a precise cost evaluation of infrastructure and migration costs, considering the chosen Region and commitment plan. This will serve as the basis for ROI calculation.
  • Our Google Cloud consultants will conduct a migration risk assessment and plan for mitigation.

Migration of VMWare IT infrastructure to Google Cloud

Migrating your VMWare infrastructure to the Cloud? Unsure of the process or worried about downtime? We understand your critical business needs and prioritize minimal disruptions. Our proven VMWare migration service ensures a smooth transition. We plan and execute your migration with background data streaming, allowing you to test workload operability in the Cloud before launch. We also offer automatic application switchover with minimal downtime, ensuring a planned, robust, and timely process. Even with thousands of VMs and terabytes of data, we can migrate your infrastructure in months, not years unlike our competitors.

Application Containerization

Cloud technologies offer advanced efficiency, but they also rely on a new foundation: containers. These lie at the heart of modern cloud computing, including the powerful Kubernetes platform. Are you curious about containers and Kubernetes? Do you want to unlock the full potential of your applications and services? Would you like to leverage Kubernetes’s granular control, flexibility, automation, and unmatched fault tolerance for your business? Or perhaps dream of shedding the burden of supporting legacy Java applications?
Our Application Modernization service can help you containerize your applications with less effort than you imagined, thanks to our expert GCP consultants. We’ll transform your legacy infrastructure into a modern, flexible, reliable, and manageable environment, freeing up your IT personnel to focus on valuable digital innovation.

Google Cloud CI/CD

Harness the power of Google Cloud CI/CD Professional Services to optimize your CI/CD workflows. Our experts tailor a comprehensive approach aligned with your specific needs, enabling you to streamline your software development process, accelerate time-to-market, and embrace a culture of continuous innovation.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

Our Professional Services Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery guarantees data protection, business continuity, and rapid recovery from data loss or system failure. We securely back up your data to offsite cloud storage, shielding it from damage, theft, and localized incidents. Eliminate infrastructure costs and gain control over your budget with our scalable cloud-based solution. Comprehensive disaster recovery planning and reliable backups ensure uninterrupted operations even during unforeseen events.

Rely on our expertise and advanced technologies for efficient, secure, and customizable backup and recovery services tailored to your unique business needs. Gain peace of mind knowing your data is protected, and resume operations quickly with minimal disruption.

BeyondCorp Professional Services

Our BeyondCorp Professional Services empower you to strengthen security and access control by implementing the advanced zero-trust framework. We tailor our service to address the specific needs of organizations with distributed workforces, sensitive data, or cloud security concerns.

  • Assessment & Planning: We assess your current security posture and design a customized BeyondCorp strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Seamless Implementation: Our experts deploy the BeyondCorp framework within your environment, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Least-Privilege Access: We craft access control policies aligned with the zero-trust principle, granting access only to authorized users and resources.
  • Enhanced User Experience: We prioritize a secure yet streamlined authentication experience for your users
  • Continuous Monitoring & Optimization: We vigilantly monitor your infrastructure, adapting to evolving threats and optimizing performance.

BeyondCorp Services Benefits

  • Deeper Security: Enhance your organization’s security posture by minimizing attack surfaces and eliminating reliance on implicit trust.
  • Simplified Access Management: Enforce least-privilege access controls for all users and resources, regardless of location or device.
  • Increased Visibility & Control: Gain comprehensive insights into user activity and resource access, enabling proactive threat detection and response.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Facilitate a seamless and secure access experience for your users, boosting productivity and satisfaction.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Optimize resource utilization and streamline IT management processes.

BigQuery Optimization

Harness the power of Google Cloud CI/CD Professional SHarness the full potential of Google BigQuery with OpsNinja’s optimization services. We empower organizations of all sizes to achieve faster queries, reduced costs, and improved data analytics. Whether you’re seeking performance improvements, unsure about optimization strategies, or simply require technical assistance, we’re here to help.ervices to optimize your CI/CD workflows. Our experts tailor a comprehensive approach aligned with your specific needs, enabling you to streamline your software development process, accelerate time-to-market, and embrace a culture of continuous innovation.

  • Deep Analysis: We meticulously analyze your BigQuery setup, pinpointing bottlenecks that hinder performance.
  • Actionable Insights: Based on our analysis, we provide informed recommendations for optimization, ensuring measurable improvements.
  • Expert Implementation: Our team leverages their expertise to implement the recommended optimizations, guaranteeing tangible results.
  • Query Tuning: We optimize your SQL queries, maximizing query speed and minimizing execution costs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: We identify and implement strategies to reduce your BigQuery costs without compromising performance.
  • Accessibility Enhancement: We ensure your data is readily accessible for analysis and decision-making.
  • Compliance Assurance: We assist you in meeting stringent security and compliance regulations.

BigQuery Optimization Benefits

  • Faster Queries: Achieve significant speed improvements for your BigQuery workloads.
  • Lower Costs: Reduce your BigQuery expenses without sacrificing performance.
  • Enhanced Data Insights: Gain deeper insights from your data through improved data architecture and accessibility.
  • Increased Efficiency: Optimize your data management processes for improved productivity.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest assured that your data is secure and compliant.

Anthos Professional Services

Anthos, by Google Cloud, is a cutting-edge hybrid and multi-cloud application management platform. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and services that enable you to easily deploy, manage, and scale applications across any environment. Anthos Professional Services assist organizations in implementing, optimizing, and managing Anthos.

    • Assessment and Planning: We will work with you to assess your current infrastructure and applications and create a customized Anthos implementation plan.
    • Anthos Deployment: We will design and integrate Anthos clusters across your on-premises and cloud environments.
    • Security and Compliance: We will help you to enforce security and compliance policies across your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
    • Monitoring and Management: We will establish monitoring systems for your applications and infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.
    • Documentation and Training: We will provide you with the resources you need to effectively manage and operate Anthos.

Anthos Professional Services Benefits

  • Reduced time to market: Get your applications to market faster with our expert help.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Reduce costs and complexity with our automated tools and services.
  • Increased security and compliance: Protect your applications and data with our comprehensive security solutions.
  • Enhanced application performance: Get the most out of your applications with our performance optimization tools.

Looker Professional Services

Elevate your organization’s insights with our Looker Professional Services. We unlock the full potential of Looker, streamlining data, and enhancing your strategy. Perfect for newcomers and seasoned users alike, our services offer:

  • Tailored Strategies: Receive a comprehensive data assessment and personalized Looker strategy.
  • Data Agility: Prepare your data for analysis with custom models and ETL pipelines.
  • Seamless Integration: Create bespoke dashboards, reports, and visualizations to suit your needs.
  • Empowering Your Teams: Ensure effective Looker adoption with targeted training sessions.
  • Unmatched Performance: Optimize Looker configurations and queries for peak performance.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive comprehensive documentation and best practices for optimal Looker usage.

Looker Professional Services Benefits

  • Data-driven insights: Equip your teams with the tools and knowledge to unlock powerful insights from data.
  • Tailored visibility: Design custom dashboards and reports that track your organization’s specific goals and key metrics.
  • Streamlined data flows: Simplify data processing through efficient modeling and ETL, maximizing time and resources.
  • Scalable performance: Ensure Looker adapts and performs seamlessly as your data requirements evolve.

Google Cloud Platform Methodology

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